Our rules are very straight forward, please follow them PRECISELY. If you do not comply with these rules, you will be refused program participation and may not be paid.

1. You must be of legal age(18 to 21 dependent upon local law) to participate in the program.
2. We do not allow sites that support, imply or promote child pornography, bestiality or rape; cheat or use other fraudulent, illegal, unethical or socially unacceptable methods. You will simply be dropped from the program and not paid.
3. Creative-Cash does not accept spam traffic to our programs. All accounts reported for spam will be terminated without pay. Please report spam here: If you are however CANSPAM Compliant please contact us so we can verify that you fully comply with the regulations prior to establishing your account. See BULK EMAIL POLICY for further details regarding Bulk Mail.
4. We accept traffic and will pay webmasters from any of countries.
5. Payments are made in US dollars and Euro via check, ePassporte, fethard, webmoney, wire and other payment processors.
6. If you are promoting us from within a protected area of a site, we have the right to request a temporary username and password to access the pages which are promoting any of the Creative-Cash sites.
7. No commission will be paid for sign-ups generated directly by you, your family or anyone within your organization. No commission will be paid if the visitor's payment to the Creative-Cash Program cannot be tracked directly to your site by our system or if full payment for services is not made to us by the customer or if membership cancels are at an unacceptable rate.
8. We reserve the right to hold any account, without notice, that we believe to be involved in fraudulent or misleading activity. This includes, but is not limited to; credit card fraud, misleading promises to surfers, high chargeback levels, refunds, cancellations and other suspicious activity.
9. Webmasters agree to utilize only legal images and content that is licensed to that Webmaster. Webmasters shall refrain from displaying or using any content that infringes upon the copyright, United States patent or right of another person or entity. Webmasters shall refrain from using the Creative-Cash system in any way that is illegal, libelous or may subject Creative-Cash to any other liability.
10. Any income which has been generated by the Webmaster which has been charged back by a member or refunded to a member may be deducted from the Webmaster's future payments.
11. It is the responsibility of the webmaster to read and accept these rules before sending traffic to the Creative-Cash programs. Should you not receive payment and you believe it to be in error, please contact us for further information.
12. Free password sites, or sites promoting our paysites as a way to get 'free porn passwords' are not accepted into the Creative-Cash program. For example "We show you how to get free passwords to porn sites by following our procedure." All webmasters promoting these types of sites MUST contact us for site approval prior to sending traffic.
13. We make special note of sites that are set up with the purpose of educating surfers on how to cancel and take advantage of trial periods, before being billed. For example, sites which show full cancellation procedures and offer their surfers information on how to cancel, refund or chargeback the service. This is an unacceptable practice of promoting our sites and any webmaster taking part in this activity will be removed from our program without payment.
14. We do not accept any sites that ask their surfers to join our site in order to access their site. This program is designed to pay you extremely well for genuine member's that you generate through legitimate practices. If you are found to be tricking or promising your surfers things that will give them reason to believe they are getting something other than what we are selling, you will not be paid.

We do not allow Webmasters to market websites under this program through the transmission of unsolicited bulk e-mails, therefore it is extremely important that any mass e-mailings by you conform to our policies. Moreover, you need to be aware of the fact that many service providers have their own standards and policies when it comes to mass mailings to their customers/members and you must comply with these policies as well. In order to send any bulk email that refers customers to any of our sites you must have a prior business relationship with the e-mail recipient, including but not limited to having obtained their e-mail address through a verifiable opt-in procedure. We require you to maintain electronic records of the manner in which you obtain e-mail addresses for use in mailings and you warrant to us that you maintain such by accepting this agreement. This is because, if we receive a complaint from a person or organization that has received a promotional e-mailing from you, you will need to demonstrate to us that such person did not receive unsolicited bulk e-mail from you. We also strictly prohibit you from transmitting e-mail that makes use of or contains invalid or forged headers, invalid or non-existent domain names or other means of deceptive addressing ("counterfeit e-mail"). Do NOT do this. We also strictly prohibit you from transmitting e-mail that is relayed from any third party's mail servers without the permission of that third party, or which employs similar techniques to hide or obscure the source of the e-mail. Do NOT do this. The transmission of unsolicited bulk e-mail, including the transmission of counterfeit e-mail, may result in civil and criminal penalties against the sender under applicable federal and/or state law. We do NOT authorize the harvesting or collection of email addresses, logins or screen names from any ISP service for the purpose of sending unsolicited e-mail, and will terminate without pay any webmaster determined to have transmitted bulk emails advertising any websites marketed through our program(s) to lists gathered by such methods. Should we determine, in our sole discretion that you have violated this agreement or any of its requirements, you will be terminated immediately, will be ineligible to sign up for another account, will not be paid for any traffic or subscriptions generated prior to the date of termination; and your registration information may be turned over to complaining parties.